The Body:

Power, Meaning & Representation in Contemporary Art


Nov 15th – Jan 10th

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 15 from 4:30-5:30pm at WSU Fine Arts Gallery 2

Washington State University’s Department of Fine Arts presents a juried exhibition exploring ideas about the body. While authority over the human body has long been determined by gender and class, in today’s highly globalized and pluralistic contemporary art world, artists view the body as a malleable site of meaning and power, not as an archetype but as a performative instrument, a vessel to be filled and surface upon which the artist or viewer may project her own fears, desires and dreams. Featuring works across various media, including new media, photography, painting, video, performance, sculpture, installation, and intermedia. Juried by June T Sanders and Ayanna Z Nayo.

Participating artists:
Robin Arnitz
Saskia Baden
Christy Bailey
Claire Brandt
Dylan Collins
Stephen Deffet
Nicole Jean Hill
Mari Nagaoka
Sophie Neslund
Lydia Panas


Image: Saskia Baden, Sophie Neslund