Digital Media

The digital media specialization draws from the arts and humanities to address critical social issues and is available to students in both the BA and the BFA degree programs.

Beginning with a framework and artistic context, you’ll engage in creative, innovative art and design practices. You’ll go beyond the tool of the computer to explore digital processes, not as a means to an end, but as a vehicle for creative expression, critical thinking, and experimentation.

You will have opportunities to learn and create art in mediums spanning 2D and 3D animation, interactive media, print-based design, digital drawing/painting, video, virtual and augmented reality, digital media performance, video installation, 3D-printing and digital fabrication, experimental sound, kinetic sculpture, physical computing, and more.

The digital media specialization encourages individual artistic development as well as interdisciplinary approaches that involve collaboration, research and combined media.

You’ll be encouraged to bridge traditional and digital processes and explore media in conjunction with drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics for print-based, installation and immersive, space-based explorations.

As you develop your own unique and diverse approaches to using digital media, your coursework will delve into issues of representation, experimental methods, emerging technologies and the way technology impacts the way we understand, navigate, and produce social space as well as explorations that fall outside the boundaries of traditional modes of production.

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FA435. Still from AR Motel Project.
FA332. Kira Edminster Surreal Project.
Still from Callie McCluskey’s AR/Painting BFA Exhibition.
Irene Kang. 3D Rendering.
FA332. Second Skin.
Irene Kang. 3D Rendering.

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Reza Safavi
Professor: Digital Media Coordinator
Fine Arts 7017

Daniel Manwaring
Digital Tech
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