Art student working in the painting studio.


The painting embraces an interdisciplinary approach to artistic creation and is available as an area of focus for students in both the BA and the BFA degree programs.

You will be asked to examine the importance of your practice within the greater context of the fine arts and contemporary culture. Observational painting skills are developed early in the curriculum, alongside formal and technical considerations such as composition, color and mark-making.

Beginning courses also will connect you personally with aspects of art history and contemporary art and help you begin seeing your own work in a larger social and historical context.

As you move through the program, you will be encouraged to develop an individual approach to art making. Advanced painting courses are designed to help you build a cohesive body of work that offers a unique individual perspective informed by contemporary art and ideas.

Individual and group critiques with WSU art faculty and peer-based interaction and group activities, along with experiential interdisciplinary collaborative projects, will help you develop the skills needed to communicate and strengthen your ideas.

Throughout your studies, you’ll have access to large studios filled with natural light and opportunities to learn framing and canvas-stretching technique.

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Contact our faculty artists to learn more about the program:

Joe Hedges
Assistant Professor: Painting Coordinator and Intermedia
Fine Arts 7023