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Two Degree Options

If you’re interested in a career where art, design, craft, and innovation are essential, the department offers two bachelor of arts degrees.

The BA in Art and the Bachelor of Fine Arts

Both offer classes and hands-on creative opportunities that challenge you to think and communicate in innovative and interdisciplinary ways. You’ll develop your personal voice through experimentation and reflection and build the confidence and skills to be an effective communicator in a variety of settings.

BA in Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Art degree provides you with flexibility to develop interdisciplinary combinations within a broad liberal arts degree.

Two specializations are available:

  • Studio
  • Art History: provides you with the skills to engage with art and visual culture critically and imaginatively.

Within the studio option, you will select an area specialization and also receive a solid background in the history of art, art criticism, and contemporary theory.

The art history specialization offers a broad exposure to the visual arts, beginning with foundation survey courses and basic studio production, and incorporates art courses on specific cultures and historical time periods. You’ll gain familiarity with contextual issues concerning the production and consumption of art and develop research and writing skills necessary to think critically about art and visual culture.

Both options incorporate a capstone thesis paper, work well as a double major, and can be paired with a minor in any academic department at WSU. All students must also complete UCORE requirements.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree well-suited for students who wish to pursue a professional career in the arts or are preparing for specialized graduate study.

In-depth study and hands-on practice in one of eight specialty areas is paired with faculty mentoring and opportunities to engage with visiting artists. Each semester, you’ll meet with WSU faculty to discuss your work, coalesce ideas, and receive constructive feedback critical directions.

The capstone project for the BFA degree is a solo thesis exhibition at the end of your final semester. You’ll work with two faculty advisors to develop a showcase of work you have completed during your studies. The thesis exhibition is also an opportunity for you to develop more ambitious projects and to document your work for graduate school applications.

Installing your work in one of our gallery spaces and seeing it on display is an essential learning experience for working artists.  

If you want to explore independent ideas in art, develop your portfolio, receive constructive feedback, and exhibit your work, the BFA program offers all that and more.

Admission to the major

You can apply for admission to either degree through your academic advisor.

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