Open Call – The Body: Power, Meaning & Representation in Contemporary Art

Call to Artists for Juried Exhibition


Washington State University’s Department of Fine Arts invites artists to submit works for consideration for a group exhibition exploring ideas about the body. We invite artists to submit works in any media including new media, photography, painting, video, performance, sculpture, installation, intermedia etc.

We invite artists to interpret ideas about the body and its relationship to power and representation. The human body has always played a central role in art. Artistic representations of the body are found in nearly every culture in the world. While authority over the human body has long been determined by gender and class, in today’s highly globalized and pluralistic contemporary art world, artists view the body as a malleable site of meaning and power, not as an archetype but as a performative instrument, a vessel to be filled and surface upon which the artist or viewer may project her own fears, desires and dreams.

Juried by WSU MFA candidates June T Sanders and Ayanna Z Nayo.

Exhibition opens November 15, 2018 and runs through January 2019.

Submission deadline: October 28, 2018