BFA Exhibitions

Fall 2021

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Natalie Blake

Three Stories, Three Pieces

“This exhibition is meant to compile a few of these stories, to share them and hope that others might find a bit of the same interest that had captivated me as child. To explore how art can work in conjunction with writing to create a more readily available means of storytelling that’s more accessible to a wider range of audience, the art setting a mood in an attempt to evoke a sense of liveliness, as even stories from a singular source can diverge wildly from each other in order to better convey their subject matter. The purpose of storytelling is to captivate, to hook onto the viewer and draw them in, and, it’s in this way, that my art is meant to catch you.”

Read Natalie’s full artist statement.

Elizabeth Casper

Horrors of the Pandemic

“As both an artist and a horror fanatic, I spent most of the 2020 COVID lockdown painting and watching scary movies. It was when I watched Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining where I first noticed a distinct correlation between the extreme feelings of cabin fever Jack faces in the movie compared to what most of the world was experiencing during lockdown. This central idea helped me to establish a series of commonalities within the fictional world of horror with the very real horrors the world experienced in 2020. “

Read Elizabeth’s full artist statement.